Social Media Webinar Series

We recently co-sponsored the first in a series of webinars on Social Media with our Social Media partner, CESSON 3.0.  The focus of the first webinar was Growing Your Practice Using Social Media.  Justin Bazan, O.D., Park Slope Eye, Brooklyn, NY who has built a very successful practice primarily through Social Media shared some of his insights and experiences.  For example, he highlighted the importance of setting up Google Alerts (  for your name and business or practice name so you can monitor what is being said about you and your practice.  He received an alert that his practice had been featured in well known local blog.  The blog has its own Facebook page so he created a Facebook ad to target the people who had read (Liked) the blog.  The net result of this exercise was that 73 people clicked on the link from his ad and booked appointments on his Facebook page.  Total cost for those 73 appointments was $50!  If that doesn’t illustrate the power of Social Media I don’t know what does.  A representative for Marcolin Eyewear also shared some of their experience in building their various brands through Social Media experiences as well.  We would like to once again thank Justin and Marcolin for their participation in our webinar.  The video of the webinar is available for live streaming in our Social Media Center on the members only section of our web site at

Our next webinar will be held on July 20 and is entitled The State of Social Media in the Optometric Industry. We will be sharing some key findings on how your colleagues are actually using Social Media today so you won’t want to miss it.  For those of you looking to take the plunge into Social Media we will also be featuring a 15 minute Boot Camp on how to get started.  Our co-sponsor, ClearVision will highlight how they are leveraging Social Media.  We will conclude with a panel of eye care professionals who will discuss their particular usage of Social Media, from non-users to more advanced ones.

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