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We are committed to educating and assisting our members in understanding how to leverage social media to grow their practices.  In that regard, this past Thursday C & E presented its 4th in a series of webinars on social media. This webinar was distinguished by its nuts and bolts approach from how to set up a Facebook page to how to claim your presence on Google Places.  The increasingly popular QR (“Quick Response”) codes were also explained – how to create them and for what purposes to use them.  Specific suggestions were offered for ensuring that your patients will return to your facebook page, including:

  • Refreshing your page at least weekly
  • Create monthly events and follow up with pictures, comments and videos
  • Create a landing page and change it several times monthly
  • Create excitement using contests, flash sales, humor and giveaways with purpose

The webinar also reviewed a number of Facebook applications that are useful in creating a page for your practice.  These applications or “Apps” included for creating an appointment scheduling function, Involver YouTube Channel to integrate your YouTube videos on your page, Selective Tweets for posting selective tweets to your Facebook wall, Facebook deals and others.  The webinar included an interview with Dr. Kikunaga from Choice Vision Optometry in Chula Vista, CA who has been successfully using social media to build his practice since its inception in 2008.  Dr. Kikunaga has relied principally on YELP to assist him in growing his practice but he also described a successful check-in promotion that offered a free box of Girl Scout cookies for checking in at his practice.  He reminded everyone that each person who checks in is sending this information on their status feed to approximately 200 other people.  I have previously written on this blog about the importance of word of mouth recommendations by internet users, the value of which cannot be underestimated.  Another important topic that was covered was how to monitor your online presence or what people are saying about you or your practice on the internet.  The principal tool discussed for accomplishing this was to create a Google Alert for yourself.  Other tools that were mentioned include and  I highly recommend that you take the time to view this and past webinars if you are interested in creating an online presence for your practice or in successfully using social media to grow your practice.

This webinar was recorded and is accessible by C & E members at our Social Media Resource Center at

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